26 APR 2019

Toyota : PRIUS

Customer-Centric Design

Toyota : PRIUS


To launch new Toyota Prius, increase awareness acquire leads together with retain community satisfaction of Big Bang Campaign New Toyota Prius and most importantly there is no real PRIUS yet!



By launching 100% CG product website as a core magnet which gather online promotion in one site and utilizing a power of social media that convey key message, integrate 360 degree online/offline tools, lift-up brand image linked with gadgets



Over 1,000,000 visitors to the site, over 30,000 people registered for test drive and No.1 ranking mobile app



Matsumoto KiYoshi



Matsumoto KiYoshi (MatsuKiYo), established its first branch outside Japan in Bangkok and engages MCFIVA to manage its launching advertising campaign as an agency of record



Website/Mobile site, Press Conference/Grand Opening Event, Manage online media to create mass awareness, drive member registration for new account opeing and draw people to the event. Manage Social Channel e.g. Facebook Page to drive customers’ engagement.