26 APR 2019


Business Education


We learn how to

Update your talents with the newest tech.

Since the world evolves at the speed of tech, this is a huge challenge that limits your business ability to grow. As talent acquisition costs soared and timelines dragged, we need an innovative solution developed with industry leaders to keep your company competitive.

Perhaps you have a strong employee base with valuable institutional knowledge, but thei technical skills were too outdated for these key tech roles.

What if you can grow your business strategically by tapping a reliable talent pipeline that you already have?


The Doers Teach

Our instructors walk the walk. Learn industry-grade framceworks, tools, vocabulary, and best preatice from professionals who elevate the game on daily basis.


Practice And Practice

Our approach offers abundant opportunities for students to preatice. Ur experience is that learn by doing is the best way so we support everything the students need to be success.



First important thing in learning is to have a motivation and inspiration. Our community of learners and student activities will help students engaged and being productive.


Update your talents with the newest tech.


Back-End Development

Back-End Development course will teach students to mastering back-end development using Express which contains API best practices & design, authentication, testing and security.


Web Development Fundamentals

Web Development Fundaments course will teach students to understand the basic of web development which includes HTML / CSS / JavaScript.


Fullstack JavaScript

Fullstack JavaScript course will teach students to use modern JavaScript as the main tool in building whole websites, both front-end and back-end including the following technologies Expree, JQuery, Git and the command line


Advanced Front-End (React)

Advanced Front-End (React) course will teach students to master modern front-end technology such as React to build rich web application.